An Overview Of The Chamberlain WD822KD Garage Opener

Garage door openers can arguably be challenging to shop around. In most cases most home owners rely on the professional expertise of experts in the industry to identify the best garage opener for them. Whilst this is well and good, it is best for each home owner to be familiar with the available garage openers on the market. This is certainly not a hard thing to do especially when considering feedback from other ordinary home owners about their experiences with different door openers.

The Chamberlain WD822KD is one such garage door opener with significant user feedback. In fact it is a well rated door opener that enjoys thousands of positive feedback from happy users. This unit sells for just about $200.00 and comes with a security light. One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a garage opener is whether the unit has a quite operation. A noisy opener can disturb neighbors and those resting inside the home in adjacent rooms whenever it is in use. The good news is that this unit is a practically confirmed quite machine by many users.

The WD822KD from Chamberlain has a quite operation. This is achieved by the belt drive mechanical design. It also has an anti-vibration system. For redundancy the unit comes with a total of three remote control units. Many users have reported quick and relatively easy installation of this opener. Even though most home owners would hire a professional to install the unit for them, this is good news to many other do it yourself individuals who prefer to install such equipment on their own.

This Chamberlain WD822KD is also highly rated by many users because it has clear instructions. Moreover it’s been noted by happy users that the unit comes with complete pieces. Often when doing a home assembly some people get frustrated by missing pieces.

In all the praise given to the Chamberlain, there have also been some negative experiences. Of particular note is the alleged malfunction of sensors after some four years of use. Whilst this is considered a relatively long time in service for a $200 garage door opener some users still feel it would have lasted much longer. Some few buyers have also claimed missing parts forcing them to dash to the local hardware store in order to finish the installation project.

By pauline