Environmental Benefits of The Green Roof

Environmental Benefits of The Green Roof The roof is where the very foundation of a typical household stands. Having a reliable roof in your household is essential, as it protects you and your family from the harmful elements of the weather. The construction of the roof is determined by the household’s base and the material varies, ranging from straw and aluminum cover to precast concrete. The most commonly installed roofs are the metal, shingles, wood shake, clay, and slate roofs. If you’re tired of the same old design and want a more environmental friendly approach to your roofing system, you might want to consider installing a “green roof”.

Green roofs or what most people like to call a “living roof” is a gable covered with live vegetation. It usually consists of a sod or a typical moss that’s been cultured in a thin layer of soil. The history of the green roof started centuries ago in Northern Scandinavia. People found it beneficial to plant vegetation at the top of their houses because of easy access to cultivation. The green roof was later popularized during the 1960’s by Germany as a means of promoting environmental awareness.

Today, green roofs are still trending and most European countries have adapted this environmental roofing system. Green roofs are classified as intensive, semi-intensive, and extensive. It all depends on the size and depth of the vegetation being cultivated. An intensive green roof needs constant maintenance and painstaking labor as plants in this type of green roof require proper feeding and irrigation.

The semi-extensive and extensive green roofs are light works; the vegetation in this type is life-sustaining and only requires minimal effort. In the United States, specifically Houston, Texas, people have adapted the green roofing trend too. Most Houston rooferswould recommend the installation of the green roof to some establishments because it offers a lot of environmental benefits.

Reduced cooling and heating, abridged storm water run-off, filter-pollutants, soil insulation, and increased agricultural spaces are just some of the environmental benefits why most roofers Houstonresidents prefer promote the installation of the green roofing system in the area. Green roofs are also generating natural habitat vegetation that is essential to the environment.

The residential roofing Houston promotes is a healthy environmental awareness call. The green roofing system is truly one of the best ways to solve environmental crises that we are experiencing today. If all the people in the world would just learn to adapt this creative and life-sustaining roofing system, the world will become a better place for us to live in. For more relevant information about green roofs, visit .

By pauline