Five Great Inspirations For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Five great Inspirations for remodeling your bathroom.Whether you have a large budget or more dash than cash, updating a bathroom can not only add value to your home. It will also supply you with a little retreat all of your own. I recently remodeled, and installed a cast stone freestanding bath, and it was definitely a decision that was well worth the financial outlay. However, remodeling the bathroom requires a little forward planning and creativity.

Here are four inspirational tips to get you going.

Today with so many storage ideas and cabinet styles, these alone can add appeal and interest to an otherwise regular room. Some units are high tech in pristine chrome. Others offer dark spicy wood and a sense of exotica. Or if you are a modernist, plastic might even be your best bet. Depending on how small your bathroom is, a neat little row of shelves across a window can serve not only a practical function but a decorative one too; with beautiful ornaments lined effectively across your window. Basket wear is becoming ever more popular, and lined along a wall in your chosen color not only lifts the space higher quite cleverly but also adds appeal and interest.

Deciding on a color for your bathroom space

Nothing gives a room a facelift faster than changing the colour. If you have a sense of the dramatic, black can give your bathroom the wow factor. Whether modernist, traditional or Art Deco – a matching black bath can really create a symbiosis with the darker hues of bitter chocolate and soft grey. Or with soft fudge accents and even a dash of lime green. Color combining can really impact on what you are trying to state about your bathroom. Navy blue and pristine white, soft chocolate and cream caramel, or lazy blue and cream with a dash of strawberry; these are some nspirational combinations to get your creative juices flowing.

Which style you decide on can be enhanced by your bath and other hardware

Anyone from a traditionalist, to a Victorian or contemporary lover can find a freestanding bath to suitably express this style of decor. Claw feet and porcelain or a freestanding boat bath can completely change a room’s style and feeling. Or go for the cast stone freestanding bathlike I did. With a little expert advice your dream bathroom can translate into a concrete reality. Jacuzzis, roll-tops and slipper baths are some of the items to consider.
Followed up by little accents like toothbrush holders, towels and dispenses, a freestanding bath can turn a dull room into a place you really want to show off and spend time in.

Clearly define your budget

Your bathroom hardware is probably the best investment you can make in your home. In return it will serve you well and for a long time. Paint and other accessories can be replaced at a minimal cost. These you will want to add and update regularly as styles and trends move. Having a clearly defined budget lets you explore more and with confidence. Whether you have a healthy bank balance or want to work on a shoe string, there are solutions for both requirements.

Find photographs of bathrooms you love

Look through some magazines for inspiration, to see what really turns on to your own special idea of gorgeous. Or pop in and visit some bathroom showrooms. There you will see many diverse types of baths, showers, taps and other bits and pieces that make a bathroom flow. Plus give you some handy layout ideas.
Whatever you decide, make sure it is a room you love to visit. Bathing and showering is very much a part of feeling great, giving us a refreshed start to the day and a calming end to an evening. But most of all have fun!

By pauline