How To Detect And Fix A Slab Leak

There are a few different things to find or investigate before saying that you are having a slab leak here is a list of something to look for.

  • If water is coming from your concrete slab and or foundation.

  • If you presently hear water running that should not be. This includes the time that you have shut off all water outlets in your home and your water meter is still going. This will possibly mean that there is a leak somewhere.

  • In certain parts of the home you experience that the floor is warm, this can generally mean that this is the hot water line.

With these things said, there are several things still that you have to take into account because everyone may experience different symptoms with this problem like in some cases you will have low water pressure, a discolor in the water.


Having good running water will change everything  Due to low water pressures because of a leak like a slab leak you will have a hard time flushing the toilets in the bathrooms and have even a hard time just taking a shower. This problem affects the everyday life that we love so much. And most of the time you wouldn’t think that something so small as a leak could affect everything that you do everyday but it can throw everything off balance.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms that you most likely have a slab leak for example if you are having trouble getting hot water on one side of your house quicker than the other than the slab leak might be the issue

This is also the case if you are having patches of water that are coming up from the floor where you have carpet.


This is something that no one wants, and you don’t want to deal with this very long because this can do a lot of damage to your home.

But the leaking pipe that goes through your home has two ends that you can find under a sink or in the wall. Cutting both pipes and rerouting them to your water system will fix the problem, but this job is sought to professionals like san antonio slab and leak detection.


The last thing that you would want is to find that you have a slab leak because.

1 This is a big headache and very expensive depending on how much it needs to be repaired.

2 the amount of damage that the water has created.

Any type of leak, especially a slab leak can cost a lot, especially because a lot of people don’t know that this is possible. This can ruin a lot more than what you would think!

Some wood on your walls might need replacement padding and carpet might need replacement tile and ground and even sometimes some concrete from your foundation.

Some of this goes into count with the amount of you having to get this repaired. The only thing to do when you have such a problem is to call professionals like san antonio slab leak detection to find the leak, assess it and give you the cheapest quotes and have you on your way to getting the problem resolved. One small leak can make a world of problems and change the way that we live in everyday life, so it’s best to call the professionals when there is a leak that comes aboard.

By pauline