How To Save Space With Futons

How To Save Space With Futons Futons are mattresses that are designed to go on a foldable frame and stuffed with cotton batting. This is a term that is also used in reference to small couches that convert into beds when unfolded. In Japanese futon means mattress and are sold in stores known as Futon-Ya stores.

Traditional Japanese Futons

Japanese futon sets are comprise of four parts: Shikibuton, which is a type of mattress, Kakebuton, which is a type of comforter, Mofu, which is a blanket, and Makura, which is a pillow.

Futons are often created from straw mats that are packed in straw, uniform in size, and bordered with plain cloth. Futons are used on tatami floors in Japan then folded away and placed in a closet during the day. They are removed so that the tatami floors may breathe during the day when not in use.

Futons in the U. S. often act as sofas during the day and can be used as beds for sleeping at night. They are basically used for the purpose of saving space in tight quarters. The mattress of the futon sofa is typically stuffed with batting and you can find covers for these mattresses in many colors, styles, and designs. Futons can be used for both sitting and sleeping and traditionally provide excellent back support. In Japan they are often taken outdoors and beaten with a stick during the sunlit hours of the day to remove dust and allow a little freshening.

Western Futons

Futons were introduced to the western United States during the 1970’s. They were quickly adopted into the culture of college students and apartment dwellers and anyone else living within the confines of limited space. Today’s futons can be found in many bright and vibrant colors and covers can be purchased in all kinds of materials from rich tapestries and brocades to even more common materials that are designed for the rigors of day-to-day living and use.

The futons in the U. S. are thicker than those that are in keeping with the traditional Japanese futons. The U. S. varieties are also more reminiscent of traditional furniture than the Japanese mats. Ironically, the western style of futon is growing in popularity and Japan because it is less expensive than the traditional Japanese futon.

Western futons have strong frames that can withstand a great deal of stress and weight. You can typically find 3 distinct styles of futon frames on the market in the U. S. they are: loveseat, which comes in two parts (couch and ottoman), bi-fold, which can be folded in half and works well as both a couch and a bed, and tri-fold, which folds out into a long thin bed. The tri-fold is awesome in small spaces.

By pauline