Indian Victorian Decor Is Back In The Limelight

Indian Victorian Decor Is Back In The Limelight The Victorian style does not really have to be a costly affair although it gives that impression. A clever combination of antiques and reproductions may well be achievable within a tight budget.

You need to be careful of how you decorate your walls. Apart from this, the color of the rooms makes a big difference. Dark colours are preferred over subtle ones and this is where the Victorian-style stands out. You can use the same approach for your accessories as well.

Some people use wallpapers and borders to differentiate that approach. Your choice doesn t have to be very jazzy, and you don t have to spend a lot of money to achieve this look. Each one has a choice in the Victorian decorating style allows you to just that.

After this, take a good look at the flooring. You don t have to purchase new flooring; simply cover the existing one using rugs that match the Victorian design. If you can get genuine antique rugs, you have more or less achieved the Victorian look already. If it does not suit your budget then you can go for look-alikes as well. In either case, be careful that it does not spoil if the overall look of the room. Also ensure that the colour of the flooring matches the paintings on your walls and also the furniture.

Next, you need to concentrate on adding the accessories. A few changes can make your room look great, provided you know which components would really do this trick for you. Artwork, paintings, antiques, etc will help you provide that victorian look. Once this is done, you can always add vintage fabrics and vases filled with flowers to add to the theme.

While choosing the light fixtures, focus on style and type that matches the Victorian decorating style. Old fashioned ceiling lights are the best. The silk fringe shades of these lamps will give you the required look. However, this can be costly. Don t worry. You can always find cheap alternatives. And while you are shopping, look for table lamps and wall sconces. These contribute significantly to the overall look.

When it comes to antiques, you do not really need genuine ones. You can always consider reproductions as these allow you to change the theme frequently without burning a hole in your pocket. Another reason is the comfort factor. The Victorian sofas are usually uncomfortable to sit. Reproductions can be worked upon to make them comfortable.

If antiques is your interest area then you should look out for side tables and curio cabinets. Reproductions of these can be avoided and genuine antiques can be used instead. These look great. Be careful to always buy goods that are in good condition. You don t want you house to look ugly with broken furniture.

When it comes to window dressing consider velvet curtains. Draped curtains can also be tried. These are available with choice different fabrics. This apart, there are a variety of window treatments to choose from. Go for the best look and feel. Just be careful that you avoid the contemporary style while choosing the Victorian style. They do not go very well together.

You can also achieve fantastic results by decorating the wall space with paintings and other art pieces that cite the Victorian style. Overall, you need to see that the end result is a soothing feel arising out of a blend of the various pieces put together. The feel should be unique and your visitors should take notice of your efforts. After all, isn t that the ultimate aim?

By pauline