Modern Furniture Design Trends of 2012

Modern Furniture Design Trends of 2012 What make some look twice towards a piece of furniture? What are the trends that have emerged since the Romanian ages and what are the trends that have failed to make a place for them and faded easily? Here are some of the trends that have made their presence felt in modern day lifestyle and knowing them it will give you the information sought by the above statements.

All plastered in white

This is possibly the clearest trend in modern day decor. This is very dominant and is yet to grow in popularity. White is sublime, silent, yet speaks a volume about the taste and status of the family. 2001 saw the first white MP3 player launched by Apple and this sold a million models. This trend has spread to all forms of lifestyle – be it cars or fashion accessories. In the furniture sector though, the choices of white is omnipresent, be it cupboard, chairs or tables. In Germany alone, 70% of the cars come in white paint. White is regarded as the color of lightness, peace of mind and timeless. Any texture on white can speak out bright!

Glossy and glistening

The high gloss trend too is very dominant and the industry is growing towards lacquered fronts. This is regardless of the piece being a chair, table, a garden porch or a cupboard. The area of upholstered furnishing is the combination of matt upholstery and high gloss element. This really presents an attractive contrast.

Playing with the tradition

The borders between technical ornamentation and professional production are spreading more and more. Things that appear to be handmade are rarely so. Braided structures and patterns are reminiscent of contemporary traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Sitting furniture with mesh like features thus receive a three dimensional effect and this is combined by new materials and newer ways of finding a totally new visual language.

Playing between materials

Combining different materials is still a hot trend and the craftsman needs to bring about a harmony in the design and the feel of the fabric. The austerity of lacquered wood, metal and braided leather gives the piece a haptic and visually captivating look.

Sing to the classic

The tendency to use original patterns as opposed to clear and purist language forms gives re-editions and new interpretations of the previously tested and tried classics and range from familiar to new ones.

By pauline