Monthly Safety Maintenance of a Garage Door

Monthly Safety Maintenance of a Garage Door Having just moved into a house with a garage from an apartment, I was desperate to make sure that my garage door remained safe and continued looking good for a long time to come. After having made the investment in the house, there was no way I could find the money for a new garage door, even though the current one was looking a little worse for wear. I called Garage Door Repair Bothell to service it for me and give me a few tips on keeping it safe for my children as I was already having nightmares about that heavy door falling on one of the children!

As my garage door is quite old, the service technician told me that it would be a better idea for me to call in a professional at least once in three to four months to make sure that all the bolts and nuts were in place, none of the brackets were hanging loose et cetera. He explained to me that the springs are held under a great deal of tension and that it was better to let the professional deal with it just in case any problem arose. However, he said I could do the following things on a monthly basis

Checking the reverse mechanism of the garage doorThe service technician from Garage Door Bothell completely shocked me when he told me that atleast 13,000 accidents happen every year involving garage doors, and hence it was required by law to have a reverse mechanism on every door. This means that the door would automatically go into reverse mode if it came into contact with any kind of obstruction. All I need to do is use a cardboard box to obstruct the path of the garage door, and make sure it stops lowering immediately and goes back into reverse mode.

Checking the photo eyesThe service technician also showed me how to check the photo electric eyes of the garage doors. These are little sensors that are fixed six inches above ground level and send invisible beams from one sensor to the other. If the beam, at any point is interrupted, the door should go back into reverse mode as well. So to keep the photo eyes free from any residue and make sure that they are facing each other is of utmost importance.

I decided that at this stage the aesthetics didn’t bother me very much and my primary concern was the safety of my children. And luckily, now I know how to make sure no untoward accidents will happen with regard to the garage door.

By pauline