National Pest Management Month And The Perfect Time to Call an Exterminator

National Pest Management Month And The Perfect Time to Call an Exterminator When people think of spring, they think of flowers blooming. They think of birds chirping and flying about clear, sunny skies overhead. They also think about scattered showers, with the sunlight seeping through. But they don’t always think about the downfall to all of this – bugs.

They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they show up in droves during spring time. But it is really the perfect time of the year to promote pest control, which is exactly what pest control coalitions and exterminators are doing. The month of April has been officially named “National Pest Management Month” nationwide.

During this month, pest control companies will place a heavy emphasis on educating the public about bugs and these critters’ impact on homes, property, and livelihood. Exterminators will also be teaching homeowners about preventative measures they can take to prevent ants, roaches, termites, carpenter ants, termites, bed bug, and rodents from entering their homes.

Most exterminators will tell you, though – no amount of home treatment and preventative measures can make up for routine home pest control performed by a professional. Professional exterminators use special equipment to detect bugs and other household pets. They have special chemicals designed to kill pests, and preventative measures to keep bugs from entering and colonizing in your home.

While some homeowners think they may not be able to afford routine extermination service, this is the time of year when pest control companies are offering a boat load of deals – use these deals to your advantage. You can go comparison shopping and compare deals to find a treatment program that works best for you. Sometimes these companies offer pre-packaged deals so you can purchase multiple exterminator visits at a discounted price.

The best thing to do is shop around. Make phone calls. Visit websites and get quotes on pest control. Make a list and compare what each of the companies are offering. Also compare those costs with what you’ll save by not opting for pest control, to ensure you can operate within your means. Also compare the cost of what a potential problem would cost, such as termite infestation or bed bug infestation.

Sometimes mitigation of those types of problems costs far, far more than what routine pest control cost. Still it’s up to the homeowner, first and foremost, to educate themselves on this. This month merely provides a golden opportunity to inquire about those types of services and enlist the help of a qualified professional.

By pauline