Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mice How to get rid of mice in natural way? When the weather turns to be cold, generally the families of mice unload on to their small little U-hauls. They find their way from the hollows in the walls, doors, crannies and nooks. You just not have to find them, but also deter and block these species so that they do not enter in your home. They can be the worst carriers of diseases and infections for humans. There are several natural ways to avoid them. The very first method is the use of Peppermint oil. The smell of this oil is quite strong for these rodents and they run away from this oil. What you can do is douse cotton balls with the peppermint oil and then position them in the entry levels.

Mice infection is really dangerous for you. Keep this thing in mind friends. You need to seal all the entries and you can do this with the help of green scrubber pads. Another natural method is to stick up the steel wool in the holes that are used by mouse as steel wool is quite hard for the mouse to chew. This way, you are not killing these living beings with harmful and life taking medicinal products.

There is one more way to get rid of them. You can place the trays of used kitty litter all around areas where you think that the mice can enter. Actually, the smell of the kitty litter forces them to get back to their cabins. Several people make use of mouse trap to catch the species but it may not be good for some people because these traps sometimes kill the animals. Instead of going for the mouse traps, you can place the dried snake poo which works same as the kitty litter.

You can make use of electrocute the buggars which have a glue that catches these rodents but do not kill. You can also go for the traps which are made to catch the mice in a box. You just need to release them in an open place which is not close to houses and living places. Another way to get away from the mice is to make them crazy and fearful with the help of an electronic beeping unit. Lastly, it is important for every one of you to understand the fact that the kitchen must be clean and crumb free.

By pauline