Pinterest style room decor let Your Room Look More Aesthetic!

When you want to decorate a bedroom, it is not uncommon for us to be confused about what model and style it is to decorate. What’s more for girls who really like rooms that are in contact with girly pink or plain white decorated with cute decorations so that the bedroom feels more colorful. You can even create your dream room with an aesthetic style like the pictures at Pinerest without having to renovate your room, you know.

1. Clothes hanger

This clothes hanger is really a hit, especially for those of you who want to decorate an aesthetic but simple room. You can hang your clothes with matching colors.

2. Fleece rugs

For those of you who really like goleran below while playing on your cellphone, you can really add a gray, white or pastel brown fur carpet. It can really do work in a relaxed and comfortable way.

3. Long mirror

Can you add this long mirror so you can see the mirror head to toe. You will not have trouble mixing and maching your clothes when you want to hangout with friends. Moreover, a long mirror equipped with a lamp like this, will make your room even cooler.

4. Posters

For those of you who don’t like rooms that are too crowded, you can just stick some in the corner of your room. But you can also put up one wall with a poster. If you don’t like posters, you can also print your own photos and stick them to the wall.

5. Decorative lights

This decorative lamp will be really beautiful if you put it on your bed, in addition to its beautiful design, this lamp will also look beautiful at night.

6. Hijang

You can put this Hijang near the study table to display your notes or study schedule. You can also make a decoration near the bed and attach your polaroid photo with friends or family.

By pauline