Reasons Why a Garage Door May Not Open

If you owned a residence with a garage, you’d probably deal with this problem. You get in your car to head to work, press the remote button to open the door of your garage, and the door does not move. There may be no greater frustrating time in a homeowner’s life. This article will stipulate the reasons why such may happen.

Your Photo Eye Is Blocked

There is a photo-eye on almost all garage doors made in the last fifteen to twenty years, which detects when an object or a person is blocking it. Most doors have their photo-eye installed four to six inches above the ground. The eye, usually the same size as a pea, produces a laser beam that detects an object or a person. The signal utilized to raise and lower the garage door is cut off when the beam is interrupted.

A leak or rainstorm can sometimes cause harm to the eye. Ensure you inspect the cord to see if it is damaged or cut. In some cases, dust and dirt might clog the photo-eye, thus preventing the laser from working properly.

There Is a Disruption in The Power Source

People have been known to disconnect their power source and then question why the door does not open. I know that seems silly, but it occurs once in a while. Ensure the door controller is connected to a power source because outlets occasionally shut down without warning. You can test whether or not they are working by connecting another functional electronic item to them. Also, make sure your fuse or circuit breaker is turned off.

Springs of The Garage Door Are Brocken

The sound of a breaking garage door spring giving out is audible. It might be a tremendously loud noise that sounds similar to gunshots or fireworks. The first part to break down in your door system is the springs, which are regulated for a particular number of rotations. Firms that repair garage doors receive the majority of their calls from broken springs. It is never a good idea to open a door with a damaged spring since it is potentially dangerous. Garage door spring repair should be done by an expert or somebody with the necessary tools and abilities.

The Cables Have Popped Off

Your cables, like a bike’s sprocket, can become detached at any time. When a spring snaps, the door cable frequently snaps as well. The cable can harm a car, a wall, or a car, and if someone is caught in the cable’s path, it has the potential of causing significant injury. If your cables have broken, you should seek assistance from a professional.

Sensitivity Is Beyond the Range

This might happen to recently installed doors or even older ones. The door won’t open if its sensitivity has been set too high or too low. To reset the sensitivity, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The first thing you need to adjust is the limit switch and the close force. Once done, test the door to see if it’s now working as it should be.

The Remote Control Not Working Properly

When the door is not responding to the remote control, a few factors could be the cause of the problem:

  • You may be far away from the door.
  • The motor’s antenna could be barred from the signal or damaged; ensure it hangs upside down on the motor
  • In case the garage door opens through a switch on the wall, a simple remote battery replacement should suffice.
  • If none of the above methods work, try resetting the remote.

One or several of the above reasons could be that your garage door is not opening. Take your time to check and fix the bug. Would you mind consulting an expert where it may be necessary to do so?

By pauline