Sports Flooring: Make The Right Choice

Sports Flooring: Make The Right Choice Indoor or backyard sports facilities are a pleasure to have in any house. Besides helping you and your family to stay active and healthy, these also enhance the appeal of your home. Before you install artificial flooring in your home, however, consider your requirements. Do you want to build a home gym in your home or backyard? Or would it be a basketball/badminton court in the backyard complete with all the facilities possible? Once you have a clear picture of your requirements, it is time to pick the right flooring.

If you chose to build a home gym, go for rubber flooring. There is simply nothing else available that can compete with rubber in this case. You can go for long, 3.5? thick rubber flooring, that you can roll out like a carpet. Buy additional rubber mats and put them in places where you may drop heavy dumb bells or bar-bells repeatedly. Rubber is great for absorbing punishment and for muffling the sound produced by dropped equipment. If you perform maintenance occasionally (around once a week), then you can look forward to getting 5-6 years of good service from your rubber floor.
When the floor gets dirty, simply mop it with water and let it dry. The additional mats may get frayed sooner than the floor itself, but these come cheap and are easy to replace. These floors and mats come in various colors, such as, black, green, red, orange, etc. and patterns, such as, diamond, ribbed, checkerboard, or even plain flat. Thus these can match your home ? cor perfectly.

If you are looking to put up a sports court in your backyard, choose the surface material carefully. A basketball or badminton court will benefit from synthetic turfs. These turfs come in various colors, such as, green, orange, brown, and a host of other colors. The turf can even be emblazoned with the logo of your favorite sports team or just about any picture, thus giving you a personalized experience. These are waterproof, fire retardant, and highly resistant to regular wear and tear. When it gets dirty, you can simply hose it to wash it clean. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf prevents the growth of insects and mites, and thus stays safe for even children.

Sports flooring can be an ideal way to add value to your house. If you do choose to sell the house in future, well-maintained sports flooring will boost the market value of the house to a great extent. Above all, it is great for creating a personalized space in the house, just for you and your family.

By pauline