Beware It’s a Pest World

Beware It’s a Pest World Laziness pays off now! We have modified our environment, now we must modify our self to exist in this new environment. Everyone would like for a clean and pest free environment whatever place they are living in. We keep our home free from pests which is a must needed aspect of our life. But apart from this environment we live in should also be pest free. Pests are the destructive species or insect that attacks crop, livestock, or food. It is an insect which is detrimental to human life and human concerns. It damages not only human life but also our ecosystem.

What is pest control?

Pest control refers to the management or regulation of animals or species which cause damage to human health, ecology or economy. The term pest is as old as the term agriculture this is because there has always been a need to protect crops from pests. There are many techniques such as: crop rotation mixed cropping, selective breeding which is being used to keep crops pest resistant.

Pests have become problems because of the direct actions of humans. There is a need to modify such action so as to reduce …