Duvet Covers For The Military

Duvet Covers For The Military During my four years that I spent in the military I encountered many things that where disturbing to say the least. nd also I ran into many obstacles that I was forced to overcome. While we where preparing to go to war I treated everything like it was only a game to be played. Once we actually went over seas to Iraq I began to realize exactly how important this game of life and death was.

The fact that I was born and raised in the suburbs and not in the country where kids learn about handling and operating weapons early or the city where kids build mental and physical toughness, not onl put me at a huge disadvantage but also put me out of touch with my fellow peer group.

During most of my military experience I was playing catch up the entire time. I had two big problems that would separate me from my pears. The first being I am a clean freak and the hygienic conditioning of the bedding we where forced to sleep on there was way below my expectations. Not only that I also had a huge organization problem as …