Tapestry Art An Option For Interior Design

Tapestry Art An Option For Interior Design As well as the regular litany of home accents you can turn to when decorating the use of textiles can add a visual and textural dimension, a finishing touch of comfort and warmth. Tapestry art, in particular, can be used effectively in almost any type of home.

Tapestries have been important elements in American interior design both early and late. They were the height of fashion in the 17th and late 19th centuries, and maintained a more modest popularity during the intervening periods.

In the 17th century Americans were determined to be as refined in the Colonies as their countrymen in the Mother Country. The wealthy and socially conscious remained in vogue as much as time and distance allowed, importing British fashions and goods to the growing urban centers.

European-made tapestries were often listed among the most valuable items in estate inventories of the wealthy. As either wall hangings or bed hangings, they were admired by visitors; during this period, the best bed, splendidly adorned with rich tapestry art, was found more often in the parlor than the bedroom or chamber.

By the late 19th century, American industry had given rise to unprecedented …