The Types of Pre-Rolls

There are many benefits to Pre-Rolls, especially for someone that is new to cannabis. There are different types of pre rolls Los Angeles-made that you will find for purchase. Each person prefers something a little different. Here we have listed some of the basic types to help guide you.


The Indica strain has qualities to help keep you calm and grounded. This strain is known to make you feel sleepy or like you do not want to do many things. This strain does not typically cause you to have the jitters or be paranoid. It may be able to help body pain, depending on how much CBD it contains.


Sativa is known to give you energy, boost creativity and motivation, and decrease anxiety. This strain does not make you feel tired. There are some that tend to have paranoia when using this strain. It can help with pain and tends to be the strain used for medicinal marijuana.


When considering a hybrid strain, you should know it is a combination of sativa and indica. So when you choose a hybrid, it will be a little different every time because it may have a little more or less of each strain, which is also going to be unique every time you try pre rolls.

By pauline