What Are the Duties of Commercial Cleaners in Charlotte NC?

Commercial cleaners perform a wide range of cleaning tasks. They are responsible for keeping your office or building clean and sanitized so clients and business associates can feel confident about coming to your establishment.

A clean, professional business will attract customers and increase productivity. Conversely, a company that needs to pay more attention to its maintenance needs risks losing customers and reducing its bottom line.


What are the duties of commercial cleaners in Charlotte NC?

Commercial cleaners use the latest cleaning technology to perform several high-tech and manual tasks to keep businesses looking squeaky clean. These include vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture and other surfaces, and sanitizing sinks and toilets.

Another essential daily duty is emptying the trash, including hazardous materials. They also change the liners in garbage cans and disinfect them as needed. Finally, they may use specialized equipment to clean floors and windows. For example, a commercial cleaning company may offer a steam cleaning machine to handle the cleaning of hard floors or a commercial-grade industrial vacuum to clean carpets. The best commercial cleaners have checklists for routine and deep cleaning chores to catch everything. In the end, a squeaky-clean commercial property is sure to impress customers and help businesses grow. Contact JAN-PRO of Charlotte to learn more about their commercial cleaning services Charlotte NC! Then, you can return to work and keep your business looking its best!

Education and Training Requirements

As a commercial cleaner, you work with large business offices, hospitals, and retail storefronts to keep them clean and tidy. You restock cleaning supplies, ensure janitorial equipment works correctly, and assess each space to develop a maintenance plan.

Most commercial cleaners receive on-the-job training from their employers, although some larger companies offer specialized education courses and certifications. These qualifications are essential in areas where the environment requires extra care, like chemically hazardous and biohazardous settings.

At JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfection, our franchisees provide professional commercial cleaning services to businesses of all kinds, from automotive to healthcare. They undergo extensive training to become certified as a janitorial provider worthy of hospital environments, so they are equipped to provide the quality commercial cleaning you need for your business. In addition, their comprehensive COVID-19 disinfection process can help keep your employees and customers safe. So call today to request your free, hassle-free quote! You’ll be glad you did. And we’ll take great pride in helping you keep your business looking its best!

Experience and Skills Requirements

Commercial cleaning requires a variety of skills. It requires interpersonal skills, mechanical skills, and physical strength. It also needs attention to detail and a positive attitude.

One of the most important soft skills a commercial cleaner must have is customer service experience. Practice your soft skills by volunteering or taking a course on customer service before launching your own cleaning business.

Besides customer service, a commercial cleaner must be very familiar with janitorial supplies, equipment, and the various procedures for cleaning different types of spaces. This knowledge can help a cleaner do their job more efficiently and safely, saving time and money.

In addition to a year of experience, a commercial cleaner needs certification as a professional cleaner. This shows they have the necessary knowledge and skill to perform their job correctly and ensure a clean, healthy work environment for their clients.

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