Often, homeowners are faced with the challenge of planning ahead of home additions without the consultation of experts. A mother in law suite can act as good accommodation for relatives and friends when they travel and visit. However, the costs of building and maintaining the home addition can jump through the roof. Homeowners need to hire the right people to handle the job. Always verify if the contractors are licensed and certified.

Fortunately, there are several signs to look out for a while hiring, they include:

  • Ensure the information the remodeler is giving is updated and true
  • Verify the certificates and licenses of the contractors
  • Make sure you pay through the bank and ask for receipts. Avoid paying all the money in advance, and via cash, before the project is completed
  • The contractors should focus on your needs as homeowners
  • Verify the references given to previous work done on other homes

Additionally, you, as the homeowner, should be a good client. Often, the contractors are left to work and then held accountable for bad results. Be present and micromanage the activities. Ensure there is trust and communication between the workers and yourself. Moreover, ask for receipt of the purchases made