About The Ionic Foot Bath

About The Ionic Foot Bath An ionic foot bath can help to detox your body so you can feel better. Ionic foot baths are natural treatments that can be used either to help cure specific ailments or to simply feel healthier overall. While ionic foot baths can have amazing restorative powers, many people aren’t familiar with what ionic foot baths are or what the science behind them is. As such, anyone considering an ionic foot bath should consider the following FAQ to get a better understanding of how an ionic foot bath can make a difference.

What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

An ionic foot bath involves inserting an water module (electrode) into a detox foot bath. You can also use Himalayan salt, instead of processed salt for added health benefits. You then soak your feet in the foot bath, which in itself is a relaxing experience.

As you enjoy your foot bath, the energy field in the body is stimulated, stimulating the lymphatic system to detoxify and clear impurities from the body. The process of osmosis also allows for toxins and impurities to leave the body through the feet.

How Does an Ionic Foot Bath Work?

When your feet are in an ionic foot bath, your body is flooded with highly charged negative ions. The process of osmosis then begins. Osmosis simply refers to the fact that fluids will pass from low-density solutions into higher density ones through a semi permeable membrane (in this case, through the feet). Only small items can pass through the membrane’s pores, so you will not lose proteins or other good molecules in the body. However, toxins will get through the membrane and the needed molecules will leave the body in order to restore a healthier balance to cells.

The highly charged ions of the ionic foot bath also help to stimulate the cells of the body so the cells become stronger and produce more cellular energy. In a healthy body, cells have an electrical charge of between .7 and .9 volts, while sometimes exposure to toxins and free radicals can lower this cellular charge to a little a .1 or 2 volts. With an ionic foot bath, the negative ions penetrate the cells which become stimulated boosting cellular energy so they can perform their function.

Why is an Ionic Foot Bath Necessary?

Ionic foot baths help to detox the body from the many toxins and free radicals that you are exposed to every day. When your body is exposed to stress, the electrical impulses that power the body and the brain are affected. Positive ions and free radicals can build up, lowering the electrical charge of cells within the body and causing harmful effects. By both taking advantage of the property or osmosis and by stimulating the body’s cells, an ionic foot bath can help to counteract these stresses and make the body healthier.

Trying an Ionic Foot Bath

If you have been feeling less-than-your best or if you are suffering from a specific medical condition, give an ionic foot bath a try. There’s no risk associated with this natural treatment and many people report feeling and looking better after a bath.

By pauline