Adequate Planning And Careful Procedures to Avoid Dangers

Adequate Planning And Careful Procedures to Avoid Dangers What could go wrong at demolition sites? Well, there are plenty of events or materials deemed disastrous to the site itself and the workers too. Anything could be sources of dangers like natural events (like soil collapse, flood, heavy rainfall or bad weather), mishandling of equipment, instability of structures, presence of dangerous substances and utilities and noise pollution. To prevent such, the following should be carried:

??? Proper planning – Establishing a demolition plan, providing adequate training to all staff, identifying affected properties and potential risks, conducting site review, establishing traffic and haul route for transfer and disposal of debris, laying out safety rules and regulation, formulating emergency and evacuation plan and selecting competent and licensed personnel??? Disconnection of services and utilities – Disconnecting electricity, gas and water services to the site??? Protection – Implementing safety procedures not only for the workers but also for the public especially if demolition site is nearby neighbourhoods and businesses??? Removal of hazardous materials – Identifying the presence and the removal of hazardous materials and chemicals like asbestos fibres, silica dust, lead dust, toxic fumes, mercury flammable objects, petroleum in underground storage tanks, sharp objects, glass fragments and other dangerous materials??? Proper procedures for work processes – Implementing proper demolition techniques, observing proper work procedures, handling of equipment and materials, handling and disposal of hazardous materials and substances, putting of supports and etc.??? Equipment and work tools in place – Operating work tools properly and vehicles properly and wearing safety gear

Because the construction industry has one of the highest rates of work related accidents, the employers or contractors should make sure the site is accessed and the necessary permit or license for demolition works are obtained. Local or state authorities will review the site and they will take note of the presence of underground storage tanks, asbestos and other hazardous materials and the disconnection of utilities.

More importantly, the management has to inform the public on such impending works because this could affect neighbourhoods and businesses. Contractors should make sure such work will not disturb the peace and order in the area. Taking in this regard, management has to see the problem of noise pollution will be addressed as this could disturb hospitals, churches and other sectors in the public. Furthermore, they should also see the proper disposal of debris and wastes.

From start to finish, the workers must perform a careful work. There is no room for false display of bravery as one could be putting countless lives at stake. Procedures should always be in place. Demolition works are essential in removing structures that are no longer safe and materials that pose threat to health and safety like leaking underground storage tanks, asbestos and silica laden materials.

By pauline