All You Wanted To Know About Sash Windows

All You Wanted To Know About Sash Windows Georgian and Victorian style houses never fail to impress the onlookers and often leave them dumbstruck, because the sash widows add to its aesthetic touch. In United States of America these windows are popularly referred as hung sash windows as they are double-hung-windows that have sashes which move vertical and horizontal.

A sash window is nothing but a window made of panels called sashes that can slide past each other either horizontally or vertically. The sliding mechanism provides ease in cleaning panes. The glazing bars that is strips made of wood or metals are used as the frames to hold the glass panes. The traditional style has two sashes with three panes. However, there can be different arrangements as well also they are available in various sizes to choose from.

The first and foremost advantage of getting the sash windows installed is its awesome ability to keep the room interiors cool during hot and warm weather. It is surely a great way to save on the energy and reduce the emission of carbon di-oxide. To make most of this ability of the sash windows is to know the secret of opening it the correct way. The mechanism requires the sashes be positioned in a way so as to have equal gaps at the top and the bottom. The upper sash let the warm air escape of the room and the lower sash let the cooler air get in the room.

Working of the sash window

Tips to take care of the sash windows

Sash windows suffer from problems of rotting, swelling and distortion of woodwork. Wood shrinks in warmer months, making a rattling sound. But here are few tips that can help you keep the sash windows intact for longer durations:

To avoid sticking or jamming of the windows it is a great idea to get them painted ater evrey few years.

The problem of draught can be managed by using draught proofing beads.

To prevent the distortion of the gaps it is a great idea to brush the seals that are made of the nylon fibers.

Wax, oil come handy in case there is any problem with smooth sliding of the sashes.

Rotting of wood can be prevented by timely application of wood hardeners.

Wipe the window clean regularly which is quite easy due to the sliding mechanics.

To help you installation of the sash windows it is best to seek professionals’ assistance. You can conveniently find the professionals online. Before you hire an expert to install the sash windows, make it sure that they are well experienced and have a good reputation.

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