Chaandhi Kar Furniture – The Indian Heritage

Chaandhi Kar Furniture – The Indian Heritage One of the most loved of and sought after metals is Silver. Having been adorned as jewelry, molded into coins, used for both making as well as decorating objects. The metal even today wields its magic over the masses with widespread trading, buying and selling going on all over the globe. One of the most ancient civilizations, the Indians have since time immemorial been using Silver to create decorative pieces of furniture known as Chaandhi kar furnishings. The terminology comes from the fact that Silver is called ‘Chaandhi’ in India and the workers that create these costly exquisite pieces of furnishings are known as ‘Karigars’ and hence the furnishings termed as chaandhi kar furniture. Owing to the non-reactive nature of Silver, the furnishing has long life.

Over the time popularity of chaandhi kar furniture has grown up tremendously, especially among-set the middle and upper middle classes as these have come to be a representative of the high social status. One of the major reasons attributed this is the fact that among the precious metals Silver is the only one that is comparatively much easier to afford even for a common man and has thus not been limited to the reaches of rich and affluent. Owing the growing popularity and thus the demand many a stores have come up all over the country, offering the wide variety and range of these furniture.

There is a wide variety available under chaandhi kar furniture including silver embossed mirrors, cabinets, tables, mirrors, drawer chests, dressing tables, beds etc. to name a few. There is both readymade furniture available as well the option to have the custom furniture ordered depending on the provider. The latter being costly as the customer has to pay a considerably higher price owing to the increased labor costs as well as the time required for getting the custom design made. It is for this reason that customers readily go in for the readymade furniture.

Such is the demand for this kind of furniture now a day that it is being sold by almost all the major online retailers like amazon, homes direct etc. As well as many any other stores that have this kind of furniture, online and are making good sales from these. There is one particular store though that would be worth mentioning here for our readers in Nottinghamshir and particularly Mansfield, the World Interiors furniture store. This store has in recent times gained much popularity as an exclusive store offering these unique pieces of Silver furniture in and around Nottinghamshir.

By pauline