What Type Of Pet Should I Get

What Type Of Pet Should I Get Consider your children?s personalities, number of children in the house, and ages before adopting a dog. Everyone will lose out if you don?t make a good choice, so take some time to be sure about this. Are all your four kids under 8? If they are, you might not want to get the high-energy breed that might require the same amount of time and caring as your kids do. Also, take into consideration how mature your kids are. There are some thirteen year-olds that are not ready for pet-ownership responsibilities, while there are some 8 year-olds that are mature enough to have a pet.

You have to be honest with yourself. There are many obnoxious kids and there are some who have a hard time with impulse control or anger management. If your kids are always bothering you with things such as endless questions, poking, and other disruptive behavior, most likely they will act the same way with the dogs. Every dog has their boiling point, and some are higher than others. You must ask yourself this very important question before getting a dog?Is your child ready to have a dog in the house?

There are some breeders who will not place a dog if there are very young children in the home. They are worried that the infants is too young to understand the restraints when playing, or that the dog might not be getting enough attention. Puppies can learn to be shy with humans if they are treated too roughly, and a little dog can be injured accidentally by a toddler. If you have a little one, you should seriously consider these things.
After you have made up your mind that your child is mature enough for a dog and that you are going to be able to spend enough time to monitortheir interactions and the dog will receive enough exercise, it?s time to figure out what qualities}} your child need in a pet. A mini dog is not likely to be the best companion for your child if he is rambunctious and full of energy. For example, a 4-pound Min Pin is prone to accidental injuries and isn?t going to be up to running around the neighborhood. You want to encourage a good relationship, in addition to safety concerns. The best bet for a child like this would be an adolescent or an adult boxer. These dogs love endless ball tosses and playing with friends.

A young child may have lots of friends that stop in. That is why you want to be sure that the pet you get is not an wary of strangers. There are some dogs that just want to run, as anyone who has owned a Grey Hound would confirm. And no matter how great our efforts are, a child and an escape artist are just not a good combo. Kids leave doors ajar and gates open. Their friends do this even more. While some guardian breeds make great companions for your own children, some may be inappropriate, because they can be too protective. What if the dog misinterprets a friendly wrestling match between your children? What if one of your kid?s friends let himself into your home without knocking on the door?

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