Considering Purifier Quality, Technology And Price

Considering Purifier Quality, Technology And Price So, you drink adequate amounts of water everyday, at least the recommended 8 glasses. You have heard a lot about the health benefits of drinking water regularly. But still, you become a victim of some water-borne diseases during the year. This means that you are not using an advanced purifier. Drinking purified H2O can lead to overall greater health, as wastes and bacteria get flushed out from the body.

It can significantly reduce joint and/or back pain, prevent constipation, aid in the digestion process, prevent and alleviate headaches, decrease the risk of certain types of cancers – the list just goes on. Get the Aquaguard water purifier from Eureka Forbes India; you will not regret. After all, incorporation of innovative technology, use of quality raw materials, certification by global bodies, etc. are the cornerstones of a good purifier. And Aquaguard truly reflects the same.

If you think Aquaguard water purifier price is high on the pockets, you are wrong. Explore all the options available in the market. Yes, do explore all brands and models. Price does differ from brand to brand and from model to model. If you consider only price, you will end up buying a cheap and non-effective purifier. Quality and technology should be given importance.

Eureka Forbes in India is no fresh identity. It has been catering to millions of users for over thirty years now. It has been acknowledged by international organizations like UNESCO for technology, quality, and purification effectiveness. So, if you consider Aquaguard water purifier price on these aspects, it is worth buying. Recognitions gained, innovative features incorporated, certifications awarded by global bodies do matter. Aquaguard exhibits all.

80 percent of Eureka Forbes India customers have a service centre within a 5 km radius. Yes, this company has 1,800 service centres across the country. The centres are attended by over 5800 company trained technicians. They visit at least 25,000 kitchens daily! To facilitate easy availability of products, the company has over 15,000 dealers across 1800 + cities and towns in India not to mention the team of 7,500 strong direct sales personnel. They operate in 145 plus cities from 237 Customer Response Centres.

Aquaguard water purifier price meets the pockets of all types of buyers. For example, Total ENHANCE RO is available for Rs. 11,900; Total Reviva RO for Rs. 10,990; and Total Atom at Rs. 8,490. Visit the company’s corporate site to view the complete price list.

By pauline