Discount Hot Tubs – Why You Should Buy Spas Online

Discount Hot Tubs – Why You Should Buy Spas Online Buying your own hot tub and relaxing in the backyard or deck is one of the few pleasures in life that most people have dreamed of. Media exposure such as commercials, television shows and movies have enticed the general public to imagine themselves bathing in the privacy of their homes and having a grand time sharing them with everyone. This has created high demand and more features and sizes of spas. Going to a local dealer will usually allow you to view a couple of models and colors, and you will have to pay high prices since they have the overhead to pay for. But Spa Sauna Direct now has a website on which you can buy a wide range of discount hot tubs online that suit your budget.

Buying a spa online is only half of the equation. Buying from a reputable firm who sell quality hot tubs is the other half. Find a website that is owned by a manufacturer and do business directly with the hot tub manufacturer instead of middlemen, dealers and other online persons. Buying spas online directly from the manufacturer through their own eCommerce store is a recipe for cost savings, direct communication with the manufacturer and direct answers to support questions before, during and after the hot tub sale. Buying a spa on the internet through a reputable source who is actually the manufacturer assures quality, support and factory direct pricing.

Buying a hot tub online also allows you to sort through the various options and configurations without the high pressure tactics of a salesperson trying to close a sale and earn commission off of you. Online shopping puts you in the driver’s seat and you buy once you are informed and ready, without a quick-close artist trying to get your signature in a hurry. This will result in a better spa for your particular situation and maximum cost savings.

Spa Sauna Direct is the online eCommerce store owned by QCA Spas, which is one of the oldest manufacturers of spas and hot tubs that dates back from 1966 with an A rating at the BBB. They have been known to be innovators in the industry and a have a proven track record of providing high quality products at a reasonable price. Now you can order their hot tubs at a very affordable price factory direct and enjoy a relaxing and soothing experience every night in your own backyard.

Spa Sauna Direct features a variety of indoor and outdoor hot tub models for you to choose from according to your taste, preference and price. You can choose the size that you want for your hot tub, whether you want a 2 person spa for private use in your home or yard, or a bigger model that can accommodate your family members and friends. Hot tubs are a great place to mingle, socialize and catch up with your partner, family and friends as you relax the stress of the day away.

Another great thing about hot tubs is that they provide hydrotherapy which is beneficial to your body, mind and spirit too. The massage jets are uniquely designed and provide pain and stress release where you need it most. From directional and hurricane flow jets, these private tubs are designed to give you different massage options to relieve your aching muscles and body pains after a heavy workout at the gym or from playing your favorite sport. Hydrotherapy can also help with arthritic ailments and loosen your nerve muscles from everyday stress from work for the busy professional. There are also benefits to your skin, as bathing in hot tubs opens up your skin pores and removes unwanted oil to give your skin a more vibrant appearance. Your new spa can help increase you health and well-being if you use it regularly.

The top quality hot tubs available at are both beneficial and economical. You no longer have to go to a specialty store with only a few models and pay a high price to a middleman or pay for expensive store overhead and possibly limited after-sale support. The QCA Spas they feature are economical since they have a clever energy saving system that recycles the hot air that is generated by the pump and motor, so that it goes to the spa motor lines and generates heat into the water. Their green air recycling system can save you lots of dollars and energy costs.

Spa Sauna Direct offers free shipping and handling on all spas. Their discount hot tubs also have a comprehensive warranty. Indoor and Outdoor accessories are also available for your customization needs from lighting, fragrances and sound systems to set the mood. Get great deals on spa covers, filters and replacement parts for your spa maintenance needs. Spa Sauna Direct is a one stop shop that can supply all your spa needs.

Having fun and getting healthy with your own personal hot tub has never been so affordable. Spa Sauna Direct is all about getting your money’s worth, with the peace of mind having one of the oldest spa manufacturers in the US building your high quality spa. With free delivery right to your door – your stress free experience begins the moment you log on to .

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