Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies the Easy Way

Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies the Easy Way Of all the bugs, Fruit flies are probably the most irritating. They generally come inside the fruit or vegetables you bought at the grocery store. If you leave fruit unattended outside the refrigerator, you will be more likely to find plenty of fruit flies inside your kitchen area and eliminating them can become a complete nightmare. Get rid of fruit flies! Do it yourself so you can save money?

The very best way to kill fruit flies is to eliminate their sources of food and breeding areas. If you eliminate their food source, then you’ve eliminated the breeding area also, because this is commonly the place where they like to nest. Their nest and food source is exactly the same.

Go through your whole home to get rid of those breeding areas. Just remember that fruit fly’s breed in moist areas. Probably, the most common breeding location of fruit flies is ripe vegetables and fruit, dirty and moist wash rags, spills and messes.

Eliminate any spoiled food on the kitchen counter, table or anywhere within the kitchen. Don’t leave any unwashed and wet dish rags hanging. Make sure your trash has a restricted lid so you can take out all the trash as frequently as you can before it overflows.

Cleanse your cabinets for any spills and messes. Just examine every region within the kitchen and remove all spills and messes to prevent fruit flies. Clean up and wash any meal plates left over around your house.

Examine meticulously your kitchen for any spills under furniture as well as dirty spills on their side areas. In your toilet, make sure to keep it completely clean and always keep it dry. Examine your surroundings and containers to try to stop any possible leaks that might be causing moist in some areas.

Find a couple of slices of apple and put them in the bag, make sure to leave a small opening big enough for the fruit flies to get in. You’ll find these little insects love looking for pieces of apples very quickly. You can also use banana instead of apples as bait, both fruits easily attract fruit flies.

Zip and close the bag tightly and destroy the fruit flies. You can do this repeatedly until you finally eliminate all of them. By this time, you should be finished eliminating every single food supply and breeding locations; now it is time to get rid of what is left of fruit flies flying around in your house.

Put about 1/8 apple cider vinegar inside a glass and include and mix a bit of dish detergent. Any trap should always be placed near every area where you’ve seen lots of fruit flies hovering around. If you know how to put and built your fly traps the correct way, you’ll find plenty of fruit flies captured within the morning.

You can discover more suggestions and ideas on the most optimal way to destroy fruit flies if you search on Google over the internet. When you’re looking for the finest suggestions and tips, it is always wise to select what works best for you. Be very selective when you’re asking for advice, many suggestions can be really difficult to follow so try sticking to the one that seems the easiest.

Fruit flies can infest your home at any time of the year. However, they generally arrive much more frequently during times when your kitchen is filled with many vegetables and fruit exposed around. They usually breed on rotten fruits so make sure to toss out any fruit that has been there for too long.

If you have a lot of fruit in your home, it is better to keep it stored and refrigerated rather than leaving it in your table or around the kitchen area. You will find many fruit fly traps that you can make to get rid of this annoying insect but prior to that, your priority should be to eliminate their breeding places. Female fruit flies breed a lot of eggs during their short life span.

Eliminating the fruit flies without eliminating their food source and breeding locations doesn’t totally solve the problem, so be sure to cover this step as you move along. As I mentioned repeatedly throughout this article, the most important action to take, is to make sure that you get rid of their nest and their food source, with it ends up being the same area most times. If you get rid of their breeding location, then you get rid of their food supply too, it’s a simple as that.

Make certain to keep your house extremely clean and don’t miss any spots inside your house. Look for just about any spills and messes in your kitchen, checking all your furniture also (inside, under and top), floor, table and kitchen area. Verify that everything is fresh, ventilated and dry. Do not leave unclean, moist rags, mops or dish rags hanging around and seal and shut down your windows and doorways by having a screen to prevent fruit flies entering from outdoors.

By pauline