Graber Blinds Instructions to Quickly Install and Remove it

Graber Blinds Instructions to Quickly Install and Remove it Windows are one of the hardest working parts of our home and thus, it becomes crucial to make it as decorative and beautiful as we can by using custom window treatments or stylish window coverings. Today, there are plenty of window covering service providers you can find around, but Graber is one of the leading window covering manufacturers.

Graber manufactures different types of blinds starting from regular window blinds to high quality faux wood blinds. Like other blinds, Graber blinds can be easily installed inside or outside of the home as per requirements and available space inside the window.

However, if you have decided to save some money and planned to install blinds on your own, then it becomes crucial for you to install it in an appropriate way in order to avoid issues later on. In this article, we will discuss how to quickly install and remove the Graber blinds.

How to install?

First of all decide whether you wish to install it inside the window or mount it outside. For that you have to measure the window space and if you have enough space inside the window, then it is better to install it inside. Remember, regular mini blind will need 1/2 inch space to get it fitted inside the window. So, based on the space you have, decide whether you can mount it inside or outside.

Take the blind hardware bracket and put it on the windowsill and mark the holes of the bracket. Now, put the Graber blind’s head rail across the outside area of the frame. Make use of pencil to outline the top end of the window covering. Hold the bracket up against the outlined area and mark holes through the bracket.

Now set the carpenter’s level to ensure that the blind rests under the edge of the outlined bracket lines. Make sure that the marks made by you are at the right level and if they don’t then try to work out again.

Now use the drill to make a hole on the marked places.

Use the screwdriver and install Graber hardware brackets to the wall, window trim or inside the window space. Now, fix another bracket to the opposite side of the window.

Now put the head rail of the blinds into the brackets. Based on the type of brackets provided with the blinds, shut or push the cover closed. If your blinds have valance cover, make sure you connect it to the head rail in valance clips.

How to remove?

Well, above we have seen how to install and remove the Graber or faux wood blinds. Hope it will help you install and remove it manually without any help.

By pauline