Why Install Window Shutters You may not be a victim of burglary but you have probably heard harrowing stories from your neighbourhood. The truth is that the statistics can leave you speechless. Just think about the following: It is estimated that 8.4% (653,500) of all households in Australia were victims of an attempted or an actual home break-in within the last 12 months. So on average, a home is burgled less than every two minutes every day!

The moment an intruder gets inside your safe haven, you feel violated. Aren’t you supposed to feel secure in your own home? What to do? Install window shutters made of durable and strong aluminium. Burglars just can’t afford to spend too much time looking for ways to break inside when some homes are far less secure.

What are the benefits?

There are companies that provide reliable and varying options. Ask around and get recommendations from friends and neighbours. You may spend a few hundred dollars to have these installed, but you need to ask yourself this question: how much is your personal security worth? Obviously, you can’t put a price on this. Just imagine the valuables you have in your home. You can’t afford to lose them to thieves who only want to make money out of the things you worked so hard for.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this type of installation:

1. Secure your home from intruders

Burglars are sneaky. They enter your home through the obscured windows located at the back or sides of your home. But when a burglar sees the aluminium barriers you have installed, they’ll falter and possibly move on to another location. They form a physical and psychological barrier between you and the intruders outside. Motorised units are a better option as they are resistant to lifting. Burglars need specialized tools to lift these.

2. Control the opening and closing of your windows

You don’t have to waste most of your time checking if every window is shut tight before you head to bed. And there’s no need to climb up and down the stairs and check all the bedrooms just to make sure that the window sills aren’t left ajar. With motorised aluminium protection, you can simply access the control panel or press a button to close all the windows at once. You’ll have peace of mind within seconds.

3. Get to save on energy

Because suppliers of modern units make use of well-insulated materials, you save energy over the summer or winter months. Window shutters keep as much as 90 percent of the warmth inside when it’s ruthlessly cold outside. It also prevents as much as 70 percent of the cold from entering so you don’t need to use the heater as frequently.

4. Block noise, light, and pollution

Debris from the outside can’t enter through the windows as they are made to fit snugly in the frame, therefore leaving no room for small particles to enter – light and sound particles included. Window Window insulation like theseare the classic sun-shading system for the home.

5. Enjoy your privacy

Just block the world out and walk around in your birthday suit for all you care. Your privacy is assured, which means that no one can really see what you’re doing. And those who love to snoop won’t get much from you.

The Bottom Line

If there’s one thing you need to think about at all times, it would be security. Your home is a place where you should feel safe. More importantly, you’ll rest better at night when you know that you’ve done everything to keep intruders away. Invest in window shutters Melbourne and show those burglars that you’re no pushover, especially when it comes to your very own peace of mind.

By pauline