How to Combine Your Bedroom And Bathroom Designs Melbourne

How to Combine Your Bedroom And Bathroom Designs Melbourne When interior designers talk about open plan spaces, we often think of shared living spaces such as the living room, kitchen and dining area, but the principle of knocking down walls between rooms and opening up our breathing space works just as well for bedrooms and other spaces. Many new homes feature indulgently spacious master bedrooms that have zones for dressing, bathing, sleeping and day time relaxing.

These bedroom plans act as a new spin on the classic en suite style space and can be significantly more luxurious. But how can you combine the two spaces without creating a room that looks awkward and messy? It is crucial to consider the materials you use carefully and to implement clever partitioning methods to keep the bedroom and bathroom designs streamlined and complementary.

One idea you can use for your Melbourne home is to use either hard wood or natural stone tiles for the bedroom flooring and separate the bed from the tub with a plush, sensuous rug that is a pleasure to step onto every morning. Another great tip is to use a ‘soft’ partitioning method, such as a bookcase, half height wall or fabric curtain, to separate the two spaces. Alternatively, you could create alcoves or corner spaces for specific tasks such as bathing and dressing.

Combining your bedroom with a bathroom design can be a great way to make the most of your space in your Melbourne home. It is an especially useful technique when you want to utilise a spacious master bedroom better, without sacrificing the space to the rest of the house. By adding an antique claw foot tub or modern shower space, as well as a luxurious dressing and pampering area to your bedroom, you will greatly improve the functionality of the space while adding a unique and personal touch to the space.

Your bedroom and combined bathroom design for your Melbourne home doesn’t need to be extreme; if you feel nervous about splashing water on expensive bed linen then it is easy to keep the old fashioned tub at the other end of the room. And clearly not everyone gets excited about the thought of putting a toilet anywhere near their clothes or sleeping area. But if the idea of bathing in the warmth, comfort and privacy of your own bedroom strikes you as lovely, then why not consider an integrated and multi-purpose space that transforms your boring bedroom into a luxurious retreat?

By pauline