How to do Bees Nest Removal

How to do Bees Nest Removal The Bees nest removal can be quite a daunting task to say the least.?? Performed perfectly, there will be no harm done. However, if the problem isn’t executed properly, then it will become quite a painful memory.?? Since this is a dangerous task, extreme precaution should be taken and the right gear and pesticides (if required) should be assembled first.

Protective gear and clothing

For the Bees nest removal, first and foremost old clothing and protective gear must be arranged for.?? This includes a ski mask or any other thick cloth mask, eye goggles, rubber hand gloves that can withstand the sting of the bees and thick work boots or gum boots. All openings must be securely fastened with duct tape such as sleeves and loose pants and even the collars of the tops / shirts / t-shirts. This will ensure that the bees can’t slip under the clothing and cause damage by stinging the skin.

Using pest sprays

There are also a number of pest sprays that are available in the grocery shops or even hardware shops that are specifically aimed at removing the beehive.?? Specifically the product for the removal of beehive should be used as other pest sprays would be ineffective.

The pest spray usually has specific instructions on how the product must be used and the safe distance that should be maintained while performing the task. Bees are extremely aggressive insects and also very social. When agitated, they can quickly attack in a swarm that can easily injure or even kill human beings.

Removal should be done during the night

Bees are day insects and very active during the day gathering pollen and tending to their beehive. This is why it’s dangerous to remove the hive during the day. It’s best to wait until dark, when the bees have all packed in for the night. They also love the warm sunny weather and will be extremely lethargic during the cold or chilly nights. It’s best to execute the plan in the night, especially when it’s a cold night. The bees along with the beehive will be completely eliminated.

Using the spray completely drench the hive with it. Ensure that you are wearing the protective gear while doing so; else you could be inviting trouble for yourself. Once the hive has been completely sprayed, leave the place as soon as possible.

Observe the next day, whether any bees are flying it or whether there are any bees inside the hive with a flashlight. Repeat the process the second time around if in doubt.?? Usually this will rid the hive of all the bees.?? Once this is done, ensure that there are no bees flying around the hive before performing the actual Bees nest removal. Knock down the hive with a pole or any other long broom. Smash the hive and then burn or smash it completely to ensure that the bees don’t return.?? Use normal detergent and water to remove any traces of the pest spray around the location of the hive.

By pauline