How to Keep Bathrooms in Melbourne Toasty Warm

How to Keep Bathrooms in Melbourne Toasty Warm Have you ever stepped out of a steaming hot shower to be greeted by a wall of cold air that envelopes you before you can reach your towel? The experience is certainly a devastating one, and is not uncommon in many home bathrooms during Melbourne’s chilly winter. So how can you solve this problem and keep your space toasty warm throughout your bathing and hygiene routines? There are various different heating methods you can take advantage of, including wall heaters, thermal lights, heated exhaust fans and towel heaters.

Heated towel racks are a popular option used in many Melbourne bathrooms. The racks radiate heat outwards, warming up both the hanging towels and the air in the room. These are the perfect choice for those bathers who like to have a quick shower and stay warm while drying and dressing. If you are thinking of installing a heated towel rack in your home, you will have to position it close to the shower or vanity, to ensure that the bather does not have to cross a floor of cold tiles to reach the warmth.

If you are looking for a more luxurious and comprehensive solution for keeping your Melbourne bathroom toasty, you might consider an underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating radiates upwards, and thus ensures that the coldest part of the space, that pesky tiled floor, is warmed up before anything else. After installing underfloor heating you probably won’t know how you survived without it before on cold and frosty winter mornings.

Underfloor heating systems often utilise electric power and make an efficient and economical adjustment to your Melbourne bathroom. You can control your heating by a simple thermostat that can be set before you get in the shower, so that by the time you step out your space is as comfortable as possible. Underfloor heaters don’t just make the tiling more comfortable for bare feet, however, they also provide a gentle, radiant heat to the whole room that is comforting without being stifling or sauna-like.

If your chilly home currently feels more like an igloo than a sauna, and you don’t have the time for a full renovation, you might be interested in some quick warming remedies that can be put in place with just a little thought and ingenuity. To keep your space warm in the winter you should pay close attention to where and how the cold is encroaching on your space. Reapplying the caulking around the windows of your Melbourne bathroom can help to shut cold air out, just as wrapping transparent plastic, such as kitchen cling-film, over glass windows can easily stop radiated cold in its tracks.

By pauline