Important Facts About Sash Windows

Important Facts About Sash Windows If you still think windows as just a simple opening in the wall, you are certainly a part of the small group. A window is not simply a source of fresh air and light but it also ensures your connectivity to the outside world. Those days are long gone when windows just meant single pane or double pane windows. Sash windows have completely replaced the single and double pane windows. These windows have movable panels which form the frame to hold the glass. Each panel can be slid over the other to open the window conveniently.

The Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian houses used sash windows and it would not be wrong to say that these windows added a touch of class and art to these luxurious and detailed houses. They were technically of French origin, as the word sash meant chassis or frame in French but today they are a very British thing. A large number of British households are going for sash windows these days. If you are contemplating a home renovation project, these windows can be a very good option to give your entire house a complete makeover.

To open the window you have to slide the upper and the lower sash vertically over one another. You get a ventilation area that is almost 50% of the size of the entire window. There are two types of sashes- with weights and with springs. The weights are concealed within the window frame and are operated using a sash cord that runs over a pulley. The arrangement is so simple that even your little child can do the job.

You can easily clean these windows as they come fitted with simplex hinges. Hinges allow you to detach one side of the window while locking the other for proper cleaning. This allows in depth cleaning of the window. In this position the sash window can also be used as an escape route. There is no need of any other emergency exit in the house.

Traditionally sash windows have been built out of soft wood. But no one can deny the problems faced with these traditional windows in terms of maintenance and seepage. They fail to withstand extreme weather and need to be replaced after a few years and are thus too heavy on the pocket. Constructors have worked very hard to develop materials which are high on weather resistance and longevity index. Instead of the traditional wooden frames, these days window panels are made of plastic or un plasticized polyvinyl chloride. They are cost effective and very low maintenance.

Quick tip for sash window’s effective usage

Sash windows are designed to provide excellent cooling to your home interiors. Slide both the sashes vertically and lock them midway, so that you have space for air to come in from both the top and the bottom of the window. This will ensure that hot air will escape from the top opening and cool air will come in through the bottom opening.

By pauline