Make This Your Last Spring Cleaning With Garage Organizers

Make This Your Last Spring Cleaning With Garage Organizers This time of year is a busy one, and you’ve probably noticed that you’re spending a lot of your free time doing spring cleaning. It can be a complicated job indoors, but the garage can be even worse, especially when you can’t find the tools or cleaning supplies that you need to do all that work. And when you’ve stacked stuff here and there throughout the year, you might just find yourself having to work through a maze to get the garage clean. But if you get organized this year, you might just find that this is the last spring cleaning of the garage that you’ll ever do.

Start with your workbench. That’s where you’re likely to find a cluttered collection of nuts, bolts, nails and small hand tools-all items that will be easier to find when you give them a place of their own. The Workbench Kit is a 48-inch long wall slat that will allow you to store all of those items right where you need them. At one inch deep and six inches high, this handy wall-hanging organizer will instantly tidy up your workbench. You can hang screwdrivers and hammers on it, and tuck your small containers of glue or oil into the wire basket that comes with the unit. Two more resin baskets can handle the nails and other small items that are so easy to lose. Once you mount the Workbench Kit and start to use it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Store larger items out of the way by suspending them from the garage ceiling on the Loft Shelf. This handy organizer hangs from the rafters or the ceiling itself, and it is made of powder-coated metal wire for strength and durability. You can store anything that gets in the way as you work in your garage-things such as coolers and tents. Whatever you don’t want to have to move from place to place when it comes time to clean the garage can be gotten off the floor and out of your way. When you store such items on the Loft Shelf, you’ll always know where they are but you won’t have to work around them.

Make use of the Tall Utility Cabinet to organize and store cleaning supplies, automotive accessories or gardening supplies. Because it is 72 3/8 inches high, 30 inches wide and 20 1/4 inches deep, this cabinet will hold almost anything. Four adjustable shelves, each capable of holding up to 75 pounds, give you height options, and the doors allow you go hide everything from sight. So get rid of those old open shelves that collect dust and grime, and organize the supplies you like to store in the garage.

Once you’ve given each item a place of its own inside the Tall Utility Cabinet, you’ll find that they will remain free of that means you won’t have to clean them ever Utility/Storage Base Cabinet is a smaller version of the Tall Cabinet, and it stands ready to hold whatever you want to store out of sight. Like its taller cousin, it features adjustable shelves that can hold up to 75 pounds of automotive or gardening supplies. It is easy to assemble-no tools required-and features a durable resin construction. Stand it against any wall and use the top for additional storage, or tuck it under your work bench. Wherever you use it, this handy cabinet will help you to keep your garage neat, organized, and so easy to keep clean..

If floor space in your garage is at a premium, the Two-Door Utility Wall Cabinet can offer the same convenient storage space as the Utility/Storage Base Cabinet. This one hangs right on the wall, and is strong enough to hold up to fifty pounds on its single adjustable and single fixed shelves. Made of the same durable resin material as its floor model cousins, it is a powerful organizer that you’ll be proud to use every day to keep your garage organized.

Don’t forget your tools. When it comes time to do chores, it is important for you to be able to quickly find your shovel, rake, broom or power blower. The Tool Rack with Wheels is big enough to hold up to thirty tools upright. Casters make it easy to move around the garage, so it will never stay in your way for very long. You can even wheel it out to the patio so that all your yard tools are close at hand when you need them. Constructed of steel, this organizer is strong, get your garage organized with any-or all-of these handy units and you’re likely to discover that spring cleaning is a thing of the past. The most you’ll have to do is sweep now and then.

By pauline