Metal roofing contractors Although steel roofs are typically associated with barns, you can soon find them popularly on residential property as well. This shift to metal roofing in CT is not only because of extreme conditions such as hurricanes, hail and wildfire that can damage houses, but also because there are wide day-to-day benefits of installing such roofing on your home.

One of the major benefits of metal roofing is that, if properly installed, it lasts for 40-60 years, which is at least 2-3 times longer than asphalt roofing. Even in the hottest of the weather, and even in very humid conditions, metal roofing is virtually immune to mildew and other such stains, which are common sights on asphalt shingles. A properly installed metal roof doesn’t leak, doesn’t rust and can withstand strong wind gusts as well. This is further consolidated by the fact that homeowners in hail-prone areas are more eligible for discounts on their home insurance premiums when they choose metal roofing.

Metal roofing is easy to install, as it can be simply laid over the current roof, thus eliminating the costs of removing the shingles, and even avoiding land-fill fees that need to be paid when you remove your asphalt roofing. Also, at the end of its life cycle, if a metal roof needs to be removed, it can be easily recycled. These traits of the metal or steel roofing make it an environment-friendly option. Further, unlike traditional materials such as wooden shakes or even asphalt, steel isn’t vulnerable to damage from insects, rot or mold, and hence doesn’t require the application of hazardous insecticides for protection. This makes metal the best choice for ‘green’ roofing.

Apart from being durable, environment-friendly and long-lasting, metal roofing is also efficient; as it reduces your house’s cooling costs by as much as 40%. This is made increasingly possible with the advent of reflective eco-friendly paints with energy-saving properties. Now, even dark roofing colors can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s radiant energy, thus cooling your building even in summers. This implies lesser dependence on air-conditioning, and hence saving a chunk of your electricity bills.

Metal roofing doesn’t crack, split, curl, rot or lose its impact resistance, even after decades of its installation. If at all, it requires an annual inspection followed by clearing of the accumulated debris such as leaves and other dirt, to ensure proper functioning of the draining and support systems. As suggested before, you can avail a higher tax credit if you have installed qualified energy-efficient improvements such as metal roofing on your home. Thus, metal roofing that meets the energy star program requirements offers you the added advantage of tax and insurance savings.

Metal roofs will no longer remind you of the ugly barn steel roofing, as home metal roofs now come in attractive colors, appealing finishing and aesthetic profiles. This has made metal roofing the best-looking ones, and the demand for them is exponentially increasing in Connecticut. If you choose a good metal roofing from a quality contractor in CT, who provides good installation services and warranty as well, you can rest assured of having an ideal roofing solution for your home that lasts for many decades.

By pauline