Online Furniture Shopping Fell Very Hurt

Online Furniture Shopping Fell Very Hurt Furniture City stroll up and time-consuming, inefficient, not parity, with the development of e-commerce, many networks of people with furniture, electrical appliances and other big-ticket items purchased online. Net purchase of furniture looks chic and convenient, but also increasingly revealed offsite logistics problems after purchase, logistics online shopping furniture “very hurt”, online custom furniture delivery into the bottleneck.

Mr. Yang’s house decoration coming to an end, ‘time wandering around in the Furniture City the fancy expensive cheap despise. In desperation he moved the network Taobao find one outside the single export furniture factory in Foshan. Mr. Yang and sales contact after they fly to Foshan to visit, to see samples. American style solid wood furniture, the price only Beijing store sticking. Mr. Yang is very satisfied, simply ordered a full set of furniture, of about 7 million.

Stopped, went to a lighting store, more than 10,000 yuan to solve the lighting of the home. Mr. Yang did not expect something good can not buy luck. On several logistics companies to offer even a difference of a few thousand dollars.

Mainly chartered or carpool package a 12-meter-long van shipped about ten thousand sixty-seven want to Beijing. The carpool cheaper, but do not feel chartered safety. “Think twice, Mr. Yang select a chartered to Beijing or crystal lamp broken, arrive a lot of things, too late to sign one by one inspection. “have already signed for the stores and logistics refused to compensate,” spending money did not buy the rest assured. “Mr. Yang and shook his head.

Online furniture style is easy to compare prices to attract more and more consumers to participate. Period of time, the material fraud dimensions substandard, counterfeit brand-name issues such as newspapers frequently. Credibility evaluation, merchants secured and the field order, cash on delivery, etc. With the popularity of electronic commerce, online shopping furniture greatly improve the level of protection. But a lot of online shopping is off-site transactions, the high cost of furniture and big-ticket items such as logistics, risk, discouraged many buyers.

And white-collar small static compared to the loss of Mr. Yang a lamp is considered to be very lucky. Small static like pastoral style furniture, large and small, more than 20 pieces purchased online breath, a total of more than twenty thousand yuan. Their meager savings and small static in order to save money, choose the lowest bid of the logistics company, the last half of the furniture appears damaged. Find a logistics company, said only twice Payout freight, also more than 1000, the store can not pay the bill for the transport losses.

A professionals engaged in the logistics industry, transport, packaging and handling of large items are the most critical. Therefore, from the type of furniture, buy a panel furniture safety is high, because mostly packed flat panel furniture, goods to be assembled. In contrast, the difficulty of the finished furniture packaging large, high quality and reliable packaging even more than the furniture itself is also expensive, most manufacturers can not do. ”

In addition, the smaller the possibility of handling fewer the number of items damaged. The chartered a higher degree of security, “the car is your thing, straight fixed destination, the whole process only loading and unloading time, of course, the cost is also high.” In carpool or industry called “truck flights” due to the loading the multiple customers items on the way multiple loading and unloading. Especially truck flights, low-cost, but basically each transit stations should be carried items split, the number of loading and unloading the delicate furniture easily injured.

Able to improve transport safety through the purchase of insurance? According to reports, the transport insurance cost is probably about one-thousandth of the value of goods, it should be said, and not high, but the “usefulness”. The First Transport Insurance Payout range is limited during transportation, loading and unloading do not count; consumers are in different places, once the danger, the burden of proof is difficult, it is difficult to get full compensation.

By pauline