Types of Animals that Can Damage Your Home or Property

Types of Animals that Can Damage Your Home or Property There are a copious amount of animals in the wild that are capable of damaging your property. Although some of the more prevalently seen animals, such as squirrels, are over-looked as a threat, this is not the case. Many wild animals have the ability to affect the well-being of our properties and even the structural makeup of our homes. Continue reading to learn which animals to keep an eye on, and what areas of your home to watch.


Starlings are known to be native to Europe; however they do migrate to parts of North America and compete for habitat here. They are identified by their dark blackish color. They look sweet and harmless, but they are threats to our properties. As mentioned, they have trouble integrating with the local bird community; so instead, they use residential and commercial real estate as their shelter. They will nest in small areas, such as gutters, under roof shingles, in vents and air conditioners, crawl spaces, and more. Not only can they damage the structural makeup of our properties, their droppings can cause equal amounts of damage too. Their droppings are corrosive, and …