The Easiest Way To Add Magic To Your Rooms

The Easiest Way To Add Magic To Your Rooms About a year back, I was in the renovation mode. We had been living in the same home for the last 15 years and we had repainted and re-done some of the rooms, as and when we felt the need. The end result was a patchwork house.

So, with mounting excitement I watched the old plaster coming off, curtains being pulled out and old furniture being carted away. We had decided to combine the sitting room and an adjacent nursery so that the renovated sitting room looked spacious and big. We wanted this room to be best room of the house because this was where we spent a good part of our evenings, reading, playing with the dogs and watching TV.

I was delighted when the room was ready for its first coat of paint. It looked BIG – cool and spacious. We had already designed the furniture and had found the perfect place for the sound system and the home theatre. Soon, it was time to choose the window treatment. Here, I got stuck.

For a long time, I had my heart set on blinds. They seemed just the right …

Keep Your Favourite Rooms Secure With Folding Doors

Keep Your Favourite Rooms Secure With Folding Doors If you have the luxury of having that coveted room in your house like an indoor swimming pool or fully equipped gym with the fantastic view we all dream about, the bi-folding door is excellent and well worth being used as an entire wall of glass. The light that is let in and the amount of open space created when it is open means you can enjoy your favorite rooms even more.

They can be made from hardwood double glazing, aluminum or UPVC and will match any environment and style. UPVC is the everyday choice for replacement windows and most people will know what to expect with the material; how it looks, feels and cleans. But when it comes to folding doors this is not the best material to use as it is flexible and doesn’t really cope well with the temperature changes that are so common nowadays.

Wood is the natural choice and is much more aesthetically pleasing. It delivers taste and a more structurally sound option. Wood though on the down side can absorb moisture and this can mean the door warps.

Aluminum is lightweight and very strong and because …

Convert Two Rooms Into One Without Breaking Down Walls

Convert Two Rooms Into One Without Breaking Down Walls You always wanted to have unobstructed view of the beautiful landscape, wanted to integrate the outdoors and indoors into a seamless expanse but couldn’t because there always needed to be a pillar or corner post for support. Thankfully with all the research and development in building materials done over the years, aluminium corner sliding doors seems to be the perfect answer for this problem.

Today designers have been able to deliver expansive views on request of their clients without compromising either on the safety or security of the house or on the budget. Aluminium corner sliding doors are practical and versatile. They are the perfect accessory to connect between the main home and the decks, patios and outdoor area. And most importantly they are cost effective.

The sliding doors offer wide openings. The frame and sash are strong enough to hold big panels without the need for corner post, creating an unobstructed view. Used indoors the sliding doors can easily turn 2 rooms into one. These doors are designed to offer a sleek and modern finish for both practicality and stunning visual impact.

The aluminium corner sliding doors come in a …