That’s What We Are About By the year 2010, the number of females in the United States is projected to reach three hundred six million, nine hundred thirty six thousand (306,936,000). Merely looking at this fact, it can be concluded that females will be stronger not just in terms of number but in terms of the role that they will do in the whole society. By that year, there would also be an increase in the number of companies and products which will provide what females need. Even though the difference between males and females are quite obvious, it is still good to know them. What really demarcates a female from a male?

It is said that males are more superior over females, they say that it is because men are stronger than women are. If strength would be the bottom line of becoming superior, females could do something which could make them stronger just like men. There are many instances where females excel against males. In these cases, can we consider women as superior? If not, strength is not to be considered as the major factor to distinguish the difference. Some say that females are emotionally sensitive. Yes, they are. Another reason, which will surely distinguish that difference is that females are more sophisticated and sensitive when it comes to their living environment. They are choosier and love a well-detailed atmosphere.

Females love beautiful things around them, they appreciate everything which brings them happiness. When it comes to their living space, they see to it that it reflects their personality; their rooms should have something which has meaning for them. In designing the space where they always stay in, there should be someone who could understand the way they think and the way they feel, someone who could complement their likes and interest.

It is surprising that there are interior designers who have chosen to dedicate their services to a particular group of people. Its advantage? If someone devoted their craft and service to a singular specialization, they would be able to give a full focus on it and their clients would have the assurance that their preference would be followed. It is very rare to find someone like them, the only one who gives attention to what a feminine wants.

By pauline