Top Trends For Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Top Trends For Kitchen Remodeling in Houston Did you know that until the early 18th century, cooking spaces were designed in the courtyard and food was prepared over an open fire? With technical advances during the Industrial Revolution (1750 – 1850), kitchen architecture changed in the latter half of 18th and 19th century. A typical kitchen, prior to World War I, consisted of standing work tables and dry storage pantry. Cutlery was stored in the dining room. Industrial-scale cabinets came into use only after World War II. Contrarily, in the 21st century, a state-of-the-art kitchen, with multiple cabinets, multi-tiered ovens and powerful stovetop, won’t raise a single eyebrow. In case you don’t have these facilities yet and are looking for a provider of kitchen remodeling in Houston, you must know about the raging trends of the time.

Tips and Tricks for Kitchen Remodeling in HoustonIn Houston, it’s all about living free and big. So, before you opt for kitchen remodeling in Houston, just go through these quick tips to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’:

Trend #1 – Remodeling scales are backIf you want to change the way your kitchen looks, but don’t have a huge budget, consider repairing the existing appliances. Extend their life with better care and maintenance. In this way you can save a lot of money and invest in building new cabinets around the existing appliances. If you are bored of the way your kitchen looks, you can even change the kitchen geometry. For instance, if your breakfast block is rectangular or squared, you can opt for round tables or chairs.

Trend #2 – Warmer styles ruleGone are the days when gaudy and excessively decorated kitchen were preferred. Massive countertops are out and sleek, cantilevered corbels are in. Stacked mountings have entirely disappeared. If you cannot afford glossy wood cabinets, you can opt for look-alike laminates which can give your cabinets over the same look-and-feel as a wooden cabinet. Simpler and sober paints are much likely to replace the elaborately glazed walls.

Trend #3 – Technology makes way into the kitchenSmartphone technologies are increasingly expanding into your kitchen. Appliances equipped with USB ports are the latest entry, where you can exhibit photographs of your family or your kid’s artwork. Not only this, you can also control the appliance settings and lights from anywhere if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Beautifying your house is a nice way of spicing up your monotonous life. As kitchens are the focal point of every house, a modern and renovated kitchen might also motivate you to show off your gourmet skills. However, keep in mind that you must select a highly professional contractor for kitchen remodeling in Houston.

By pauline