What is The Difference Between a Cabinet And a Cupboard?

What is The Difference Between a Cabinet And a Cupboard? Generally speaking there are very few differences between a cabinet and a cupboard to most people the terms are synonymous with one another. There are people however, who suggest that there is a difference between the two. The difference is whether or not there are shelves, although they both have cabinet doors, these people believe that a cupboard has shelves and a cabinet does not. Other people who agree that there is a difference have a different interpretation, they are of the opinion that the terminology should be dictated by the use; saying that cabinets are more or less for storage of items and cupboards are used for displaying cups, plates and other dinnerware and the cabinet doors that used on the cupboards have glass pane inserts so the china can be seen.

Regardless, a cabinet or a cupboard can be freestanding or it can be mounted or hung from the wall. There are very few differences between them. Many people will define the cupboard as a cabinet with glass doors or glass panes surrounded by a wooden frame with the idea being that a person can see in the unit to judge the contents, many cupboards do not even have doors, they are open to reveal the plates within. A cabinet is more universal, it can be fitted with shelves if required and the use is more universal. The cabinet is usually beneath the counter top and it is used to store pots and pans and can be used to store canned goods and other grocery items.

There are freestanding units that are used in the kitchen that do double duty. The high cupboard can be used for display while the lower cabinet can be used for items of no significance or items that are used in the house but are not attractive, things like cleaning supplies. Many kitchens have numerous cabinets and cupboards that are mounted on the wall; these are used to store cooking items and kitchen tools. Another definition will be thrown out by people who say that cupboards are for food stuff and cabinets with cabinet doors are used for storing apparatus that is used in food preparation.

Regardless of the definition, it is the owners prerogative how they use them and what they call them.

By pauline