Make More Room in Your Garage by Following These 5 Tips

Make More Room in Your Garage by Following These 5 Tips It is far too often in this life that we take for granted the things we have. From the roof over our head, to the car we drive, to the friends who look out for us, we rarely appreciate the things that are important in our lives until they are gone.

This is especially poignant with the minor things in our lives. Just ten years ago the idea of a smart phone was unthinkable. It was a ridiculous idea that few of us could imagine! But today more and more people have them. In another ten years the idea of a normal cell phone will seem absurd and antiquated.

Sometimes we take things for granted not because we use them so much, but because we underuse them. A perfect example of this is the family garage.

Having a garage can be a wonderful opportunity for working on hobbies, creating an outdoor workshop or art studio, or even just for parking your car. But far too often our garages just end up being full of our old junk. They become a cavern of projects we gave up years ago.

But when you keep your garage clean you are far more likely to not only pick old hobbies back up, but to keep up with new ones. They key to tidying up your garage is to keep things organized. Here are five tips that will go a long way to keeping your garage in order.

Tip 1 – Keep Your Hobbies Available

One of the reasons many people start a hobby and never keep up with it is because their supplies end up getting buried in the dark recesses of their garage. Everything gets tangled up, damaged, and lost.

But with organization solutions like the Fishing Rod Rack, you can make sure everything you need for your next fishing trip is available for you when you need it. This rack can hold twelve rods in a secure upright position. It even has a drawer on the bottom where you can keep lures, hooks, sinkers, and other supplies.

The side of the fishing rod rack has an extra pocket and 3 hooks so you can keep even more gear ready to roll. This whole rack even slides around on casters, making it incredibly easy to access.

Tip 2 – Expand Your Shelving Space

One of the easiest ways that you can reduce clutter in any part of your home is by simply having more places to put things. And the easiest way to have more places to put things is with shelves.

With storage tools like the Tall Utility Cabinet you can exponentially increase the amount of space you have to put all those little odds and ends that you have laying around your house. It has four adjustable shelves that each can hold a whopping 75 lbs. You can put this entire, six-foot tall shelf together without any tools at all!

Tip 3 – Get it off the Ground

Shelves aren’t the only way to get some of your supplies off the ground and into a cabinet. There are some things we keep in our garages that we just don’t pull out that much. Things like camping supplies and coolers might only come out a few times in the summer, and never in the winter.

That is where a handy ceiling storage mount come sin. This product hooks right into your drywall or your studs, and can hold up to 250 pounds of supplies. The hardware is included and it is very easy to attach.

Tip 4 – Expand Your Workbench

A workbench always seems like a great place in your garage to work on projects, but soon enough it always ends up just covered in junk. But you can mount the workbench kit right above your work area and still have all of your tools at your fingertips.

This comes with a slat wall strip, a small tool rack, a screwdriver holder, a basket, and also two resin bins. It is colored gray and black and measures four feet wide. Keep all your tools within arms reach with the workbench kit.

Tip 5 – Hook it Up

Things like shelves and ceiling storage are great for your smaller items laying around your garage, but what about those long, unwieldy tools? What about things like shovels, rakes, and brooms? For items like these you need to install hooks and brackets on your wall to conveniently store them.

This set of three Tool Hooks and Bracket makes it easy to hold not just tools, but also things like long extension cords. It is a great way to get that last little bit of stuff up off the floor.

Don’t let your garage space go to waste. Make some room out there by following these five tips.

By pauline