Ways To Eradicate Termites In Your House

Ways To Eradicate Termites In Your House Termites are harmful pests that can easily destroy a wooden structure within months if you do nothing to stop them. You should learn to recognize the signs of a termite infestation and act quickly before the infestation gets worse.

Search for Indications of Termite Infestation

During warm months, you might be able to see dry-wood termites coming out of unknown infested areas. Check for signs of structural wood damage in your home. The damage is typically found at the very first floor of your home where your home’s foundation connects with the walls. You may also see some damage below the exterior doors. The damage caused by a termite infestation is not always noticeable due to the fact that these pests attack from the inside out. Thump the wooden parts of your house utilizing the heel of a screwdriver and probe them utilizing a heavy-duty awl to see if the wood is hollow. Other signs of a termite infestation are tiny reddish-brown, black, or tan droppings.

Employ an Expert Exterminator

One of the most effective ways to wipe out the termites in your house rapidly is to bring in a qualified exterminator to do it for you. A qualified exterminator recognizes all the hiding spots of these pests and he has all the necessary equipment for eliminating them. You can find a really good exterminator by searching online or checking your local yellow pages. Check the comments of their past customers to see if they provide excellent service. Choose an exterminator with numerous years of experience and who has lots of completely satisfied customers.

Use Spray Chemicals

If you just can’t pay to hire an expert exterminator to kill the termites for you, then you can attempt to get rid of the insects yourself making use of spray chemicals. You can easily purchase termite spray chemicals at a lawn and garden store or hardware store. You can easily protect against termite infestations by pre-treating unfinished wood making use of spray chemicals that fend off these insects. If you were not able to pre-treat the wooden parts of your house, then choose spray chemicals that can kill these insects. Spray the chemical on the afflicted locations of your home. It is even recommended that you spray the dirt around your house because some termite types build their nests underground. Make sure that you follow the instructions written on the label of the spray chemical before you use it. Do not breathe it in and don’t dilute it. Stay away from the sprayed areas for a few hours in order to avoid breathing in the fumes inadvertently.

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